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Conservation through captive propagation and education.

WHRI (Western Herpetological Research Institute) has been producing quality captive born and bred snakes for nearly 40 years. We have been in the leading edge for captive bred snakes and introduced the Crazy Honduran Milksnake and the WHRI Dumeril's Boa. We are located in Southern California.

The owner, Guy Clark, AKA GuyGuyAdventurer, has been interested in Herpetology since 1960 and has been keeping, developing husbandry practices and studying Reptile ecology since then.
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www.youtube.com/guyguyadventurer. Experience the wonders, beauty and magic of nature...Join me, guyguyadventurer, on amazing adventures around the world. Most eposides have a Herpetological theme!

The "Angolan Python" video is the first of an educational series on the husbandry and breeding of various snake species. Discover the beautiful, unique and curious dwarf python, the Angolan Python.
Note: This Web Site is a "Work in Progress". Please check back frequently for added pages and for new babies listed. Coming soon are pages describing the history of the "WHRI Dumeril's Boa".
Also, videos will be added on the care and husbandry of the various species that we work with. The "Angolan Python" video is the first in the series.
Also, checkout the Angolan video on YouTube.
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Crazy Honduran Milksnake History
Crazy Honduran Milksnake History
WHRI Dumeril's Boa!
Home of the Crazy Hondurans and